Continuing Education

Earn Continuing Education Credit Hours by Upgrading!

Important Note: Continuing education requirements vary widely by district and profession. Please get to know your own district or certifying body’s policies. Scroll down to learn more about our CE Credit offering and for our FAQ.

FREE Certificate of Completion

You’ll receive a formal Certificate of Completion to log up to 15 professional development hours. For many districts and other professions (but not all), this may be all the documentation you need.

  • Graduate-level professional development semester hours/credits
  • Designed for salary advancement and to renew credentials
  • Official university transcript available
  • 1 semester-level unit/credit, equivalent to 15 hours
  • Note: Many non-teaching professions can also accept these university-level credit as well for CE
  • Psychologists (APA)
  • Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Nurses
  • Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Note: Many other professional bodies also recognize APA Credits, or can accept the Certificate. Check your requirements!

*Right now, you will simply be ordering the Mindful Education Summit resources. If you choose to claim CE Credits, you will have the option to order from these partners separately at a later date. We offer these CE options simply to be of service, and we have done our best to find the lowest cost options possible to meet various people’s needs.




To learn more, read our FAQ below or return to the Resource Package to see the full list of sessions and bonuses, like our Buy-1, Gift-1 offer.

Q: What types of CE credits, and how many, are available?

A: This activity has been approved for 15 hours of CE Credits:

  • Educators: Graduate-level professional development semester hours/credits (University of the Pacific)
  • Psychologists, Counselors & Marriage/Family Therapists: This event is approved by the APA (American Psychological Association) as well as various state-level certifying bodies with reciprocity agreements
  • Social Workers: In most states, social workers can receive credit through the APA or through reciprocity with one of our state-level certifying bodies
  • Nurses: Approved by the CA Board of Registered Nursing, and most states have reciprocity agreements in place.

  • Please review the full, detailed list of this event's accreditations, by clicking here
  • Note: many other professions such as Speech/Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and others are also able to accept either APA Credits, our Certificate of Completion, or University-Level Credit. Rules vary from state-to-state and for each profession, so please review your certifying body's continuing education requirements

Q: Do I need to pay extra for continuing education credits?

A: No, it is 100% up to you. For many educators, the FREE Certificate of Completion will be all they need to log professional development hours. The paid options are intended for those seeking salary advancement and to renew credentials.

The additional fees are paid directly to these CE accreditation partners, and are completely separate from our Resource Package. We offer these CE options simply to be of service, and we have done our best to find the lowest cost options possible to meet various people’s needs.

Q: What else is included in the Resource Package?

A: In addition to CE credits, you'll receive lifetime downloadable access to all summit sessions (video & audio), typed transcripts, exclusive deep-dive bonuses, and access to a guided meditation library. Plus, you'll be able to gift a 2nd package free to a friend! Learn more here: Event Resource Package.

Q: What are the 3 different options/prices on this page?

  • 1- FREE, Certificate of Completion: You will receive a free formal Certificate of Completion with your name, the number of hours, the date and the name of the Summit. In many states/districts, this can be used to log professional development hours.
  • 2- For Educators: You also have the option to pay $99 to Courses4Teachers/University of Pacific to receive 1 graduate-level university credit (15 hours) and an official transcript. This may be useful if you are seeking salary advancement or need university credit to renew credentials.
  • 3- For Other Professionals: You have the option to pay just $40 to receive 15 CE credits from your certifying body in order to meet licensure requirements. This is quite a cost-effective CE offering.

Q: Do I have to decide right now which option I would like? How long do I have to claim the CE Credits? Do I have to complete it all during the event week?

A: No, you will have a full 12 months to decide and then claim your CE Credits. We want you to have plenty of time to review all content, reflect, and integrate it into your lived experience.

Right now, you will simply order the Mindful Education Summit resources. You will receive your formal Certificate of Completion for free, and then it is up to you whether to contact one of these accreditation partners, or not.

Q: When I share my 2nd free Resource Package with your Buy-1, Gift 1 promotion, does my friend/colleague also receive CME's?

A: Yes! Your friend or colleague will also receive a Certificate of Completion and access to CE Credits, as well as all summit content and bonuses. Their package is just as fully featured as yours!

Q: How do I claim/receive CE Credit after purchasing? Is there a quiz?

A: After the event, you will be provided access to a membership library where you can review all summit content and complete an online multiple-choice quiz. The process is quick and easy, and step-by-step instructions will be provided in your membership area!

Q: I've already purchased the Resource Package. How do I claim my CE Credit?

A: You will find instructions to claim your CE Credit clearly displayed within your membership library. You can access your Resource Package here: Login to Member's Library.

Q: I still have questions about the CE Credit options. Can you help me?

A: Sure, please email our team at It is your responsibility to know your own district’s policies regarding continuing education, but we will do our best to help! We also offer our 30-Day Happiness Guarantee.