With purchase of the Event Resource Package, Continuing Education hours/credit are available.

Please Note: Districts vary widely in policy regarding continuing education requirements. Please get to know the policies of your school district regarding hours, graduate-level professional growth courses, due dates, etc. Some districts require prior approval, and some don’t. It is your responsibility to know your own district’s policies regarding dates and other policies.

Important: Both of these options described on this page are exclusively available to those who purchase the Event Resource Package (including those who purchase via a scholarship)

1.) Certificate of Completion. For those who purchase the Event Resource Package, an official Certificate of Completion will be available for up to 15 hours of continuing education hours. This certificate is included in the price of your purchase of the Mindful Education Summit Event Resource Package with no additional fees.

2.) Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester Hours/Credits. We have partnered with Courses4Teacher, LLC/University of the Pacific to offer this option as well. By attending the Mindful Education Summit and purchasing the Event Resource Package, you will be eligible to apply for 1 semester-level unit/credit, equivalent to 15 hours, for the price of only $99. You are able to receive an official transcript. This fee is separate from (and additional to) the cost of the Mindful Education Summit Event Resource Package and is paid to the University of the Pacific. The registration process is quick and easy.

These units/credits are designed for salary advancement and to renew credentials, but may not apply towards your attainment of an advanced degree. You will have up to 12 months following the end of the summit to complete the 15 hours and apply for these credits. You can review further details regarding these continuing education credits within the PDF below:

Courses4Teachers Detailed PDF

Questions: Should you have any questions regarding either of these options, please email our team at  community@theawakenetwork.com